Computer Services
Studio A Technologies is our latest endeavor, with the goal of filling the needs of the small business and home computer user at an affordable price.  With computer technology changing rapidly,  our tech support service can help you with your computing  and hardware/software questions.  Because we do not sell hardware and are not affiliated with any one vendor, we can tell you what you need, not sell you what we have in stock.  

We can help with everything from repairing or replacing a hard drive or video card, to helping you set up a network, and from troubleshooting a printer to setting up email. 

We can remove Viruses and Spyware (Pop-up Ads) that can slow your computer and / or cause it to crash.  

We can setup backups, install printers, set up wireless (encrypted) networking, or advise you on what type of computer to buy.


Computer Repair / Upgrade / Networking
You MUST have your original software and keys / serial numbers.  




Computer Service Pricing









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